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I have worms. 

Many amazing things take place in wormtown, 
it is amazing to sit by and watch life take place in this little town full of activity and decomposition.. 

Another Recipe

Non selective weed killer:
1L vinegar
1/4c salt
2 tsp liquid dish soap

Apparently this kills everything, so be careful.  
You may have to repeat applications if necessary...

Happy weeding!

something yummy for lunch

Right now I'm eating something I love.. it's so good.. you should make it!!
ta da:
~Pasta Siciliana~
Cook some noodles (linguine, spaghetti, rotini, whatever)
Pile the following into a bowl:
-olives chopped up small, fresh mushrooms, currants, pine nuts,
a bit of crushed garlic,  some olive oil, basil, oregano, capers if you have them, black pepper, etc..
-after noodles are cooked, drain off water, then add the stuff and let it cook for about 2 min on low
-then add some diced pecorino romano cheese on top and turn off the heat so it doesn't melt too much.. 
(you can substitute parmesan if you can't find romano)
yumm.. yum yum

It's a beautiful day... I went for a run at lunch and was feeling a bit jumpy running down the wood chip trail by myself.. 
I then saw a garter snake cross my path and had a girly moment whereby I emitted a small noise and a little hop to the side.  embarassing!

In other news, including the tick I pulled off Kayu while sitting at the Roastery last night, he's had a grand total of 29 ticks this season! quite impressive hey?

3 fleas and 2 ticks

The good news is that the horses are moved to a wonderful summer pasture!!

It's on about 40 acres of rolling healthy prairie grassland, with little willow bluffs and ponds interspersed.. Hillsides covered in crocuses and native grasses for horses to frolic and graze upon...  Ducks and frogs singing...  no Suv's and beamer's driving by, no Wal Mart next door, no Brad Johnner next door....   The puppies and ponies are so happy to be able to run and be free without worry and neighbours and noise.

But now, the bad news... 
As i was lying on the couch last night with my puppy, I found 3 fleas and 2 wood ticks in his coat.  Who knows what other insect terrorists he and Kobey are harbouring.  Ew.  Anyone know any NON-chemical controls?  Maybe tea tree oil?

Well, it looks like I'm going home to my dad's farm this weekend for a few days.. 
I'm very excited for a rural Sk adventure..  (It may involve flat tires and minor cuts and/or scrapes.)
In fact, I think I will probably take the truck and horse trailer home and get my dad to fix it up a bit..  
A neighbour back home has a colt he just bought and he wants me to get it going for him..  
Should be interesting, since apparently the little guy has the charming habit of bucking 
and periodically trying to scrape the rider off onto the trees, fence, or whatever obstacles it can find..  I love a challenge!

So, the origins of easter as a christian holiday are very likely pagan, and the symbols borrowed and incorporated into the mainstream to make christianity and its sombre ceremonies more palatable to the wilder folk. . ..  The springtime themes of rebirth and fertility are quite apparent in the egg symbol..  It was believed that at this time of year, as the daylength balances with the night, the male and female energies are also more in balance.   I have also read that the Ancient Romans and Greeks used eggs as symbols of fertility and abundance - eggs were solar symbols, and figured in the festivals of numerous resurrected gods.

So, what does this say about those lined up at the til at Wal- mart to buy little chocolate bunnies??
I suppose maybe it means we are all getting in touch with our prehistoric and ancestral roots??

In any case, and in any way, shape or configuration, have a great Oestre weekend!!

Juno weekend

So, originally Meeshie B. and I were just going to go to the Junofest and see some bands.. but then the weekend expanded into a whole shmozzle of good good times.  

Friday I worked, then after that met up with Meesh at Louis.  We watched an awesome reggae band and Bedouin Soundclash.  Did some Yag-bombs with Aaron, and had a few ( too many) drinks in general.. some good dancin, then we went to amigos to see Sylvie.  They were kick ass, with a female lead guitarist/singer who had killer pipes.  We spotted Graham and his friends from Boffins looking very stylish and trying to be cool.  Overall I'd say I was a bit much, but Meeshie tolerated me well.  On the way home we were stopped at a light, beside some guys rocking out in their car..  I waved or something, then they motioned to roll down the window.. They yelled to us to catch this cd, then flung it at us, but instead of going IN the window it went over the truck.  So I jumped out to get it, picked it up and rushed back into the truck only to bash my head at full speed on the top of the door frame.  I'd say it's pretty hot to have a bruise in the middle of your forehead.  Thanks for being so good to me Meesh!

Then saturday there was a wine and cheese at my boss' house to celebrate our section doing really well on a national research proposal and getting full funding.  By the time I left and picked up Meeshie, it was about 10 and we couldn't seem to get into any venues for junofest.  Amigos was lined up, Buds, the roxy, Lydia's... Everything... lined all the way up, and an hour wait!  Boo...we could've gotten into the broadway theatre but the headlining bands cancelled anyway.  So we went downtown to the freehouse, but it was lined up too..  Meeshie had a cold and we didn't want to stand in line all night, so I took her home.  

My friend Aaron (aka dj Labryinth) had given me 2 tickets to see his show, since he was opening up for Mix master mike.. (the dj from the beastie boys)..  So I went and picked up my other michelle, and we hit up the scene..  wow, what a nicely done party.  Lots and lots of people, everyone was smiling and gorgeous and dancin and happy..  Excellent vibe, excellent music.  So Valleau and I danced the night away til about 3:30..  (So, thanks Labryinth for the good times!!  Woo OOOooo GO Deadly Boy!)
So and then Sunday, the finale was to go to the actual Junos.  We broke down and bought some tickets, but they were "obstructed view" seats so they were only $50.. Not the best view, but the the show was very pro and definitely enjoyable anyway!  I've definitely never seen Sask place so full.  The performances were pretty decent..  Billy Talent, 3 Days Grace, K-OS, Tragically Hip, Nelly Fertado, DJ Champion, City and Colour/alexisonfire... Perhaps the highlights were Gord Downie looking so hot all in black, and K-os smashing his guitar.  I heard (on the CBC) that he also changed the lyrics of his song in protest, but I didn't even notice!  I even had a couple of celebrity sightings.  I saw Tom Wilson, and spoke to Jack Layton in the concession lineup.  wow.  exciting hey??

See that silver thing? It's the wall.  The back wall... as far as back as you can go!!   

The view from our obstructive viewing seats:

The back of Nickleback: (if you look really closely)

My Girls, munching at Simons afterward:

Pretty good weekend, all in all..  :)

the chocolate cake sutra

Finally, some spirituality I can really get behind.. 

CBC radio was interviewing Gerry Larkin yesterday.  Perhaps the thing that struck me most was her discussion on happiness as a moral responsibility.. She pointed out that when you are happy, everyone around you can feel it and it changes the energy in the room.. Conversely, when you are crabby you can send this feeling to others.. 
She also argued that happy people were easier on the planet and society, since they don't have to shop, drink, whatever else to feel better about life.. 

also, this little dittie is quite lovely

so, the only question remaining is what do you DO when you are unhappy??  
I think it's a start though, to put the responsibility on the person; rather than their job, their partner, friends, car, possessions, etc.. 

springtime day off

I had a great day today.. shopping and hanging out on broadway with the dogs, cleaning up the yard.. 
Who knew shovelling snow and dog shit could be so much fun!!
I'm so exciting for gardening season!  I think i'll start some plants today perhaps

Life is soooOOOooo hard. 

Here's my bike, with her new little bell

Kayu chillin at the roastery

the kids are all right

Well, one thing I sometimes forget about my daughter is that she's a genius.. She's in the enriched program and acing her classes.. 90's in math, science, english.. 80's in everything else.  She's taking mechanics and learning how to take apart and rebuild an engine, she plays the flute, she's a silver medal winning wrestler.  what else?

Oh, and she's applied for outdoor school.  It sounds prettty neat... a semester of school with an outdoor focus, with one week out of 3 is spent on an outdoor field trip.    So it's true, at least in this case, that every generation is an improvement on the last..